Famous Armenians in the Film Industry

Angela Sarafyan

Out of a population of just 3 million, Armenians have managed to create a powerful presence in Hollywood. Although the small Eastern European nation is located in the Caucasus Mountains, Armenian actors, directors, writers, and more have continued to excel in notable positions within our entertainment industry. When you want to stop 20Betsportbetting for a moment, check out these big names in the film industry that you didn’t know were Armenian.

Krekor Ohanian

One of the earliest emergings of the Armenian-American melting pot in Hollywood was actor Mike Connors, who was born Krekor Ohanian. He played Mannix, a private detective on the hit CBS show of the same name. He received three Emmy nominations for his work throughout his career, as well as a Golden Globe in 1972. Additionally, he appeared in many movies like The Ten Commandments and Muscles From Brussels, in which he co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian, is a Hollywood icon who has captivated audiences for decades. Born in El Centro, California to Armenian-American parents John Sarkisian and Georgia Holt, Cher quickly rose to fame with various music projects before transitioning to acting. Over her illustrious career, she has received an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, a Cannes Film Festival Award, and a special CFDA Award, making her the only artist to ever receive all six major awards. Her movies include iconic titles such as “Mermaids,” “Mask” and “Moonstruck.”

Angela Sarafyan

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, and raised in Los Angeles, Angela Sarafyan quickly rose to fame with her role as “Clementine Pennyfeather” in the HBO series “Westworld.” Her other credits include “A Clean Break,” “Paranoia,” “Twilight Saga” and “The Immigrant.” In 2017 she also provided the voice of Wonder Woman in an episode of “Justice League Action.” Sarafyan has been nominated for many awards, including an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and an MTV Award.

Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian is a multi-platinum-selling musician, singer-songwriter, and poet who was born in 1967 in Lebanon to parents of Armenian and Greek descent. He is best known as the frontman of the metal band “System of a Down,” though he has also released three solo albums. Tankian is an active advocate for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, having penned songs like “Sari Siroun Yar”, “Empty Walls” and “Sky is Over” about the subject. In 2012 Tankian was awarded the Armenian Prime Minister’s Medal for his dedication to human rights and the environment.

Eric Bogosian

An accomplished actor, Bogosian is known for his intense and dynamic performances, often playing troubled characters on the edge of society. His film credits include roles in such movies as “Under Siege 2,” “Before and After,” “Wonder Boys,” and “Pineapple Express.” He also appeared in Law & Order and the Stephen Sondheim-Jim Henson TV movie The Cube. He has earned two Tony Award nominations, a Drama Desk Award, and an Obie Award for his work on stage. Whether onstage or onscreen, Bogosian’s work is marked by an uncompromising intelligence and frank exploration of controversial themes. He continues to challenge audiences with his highly provocative writing and acting.

Simon Abkarian

Born in Gonesse, France to Armenian parents, Simon Abkarian was raised in a French-speaking household. He moved to Paris in 1975 to study acting at the renowned Conservatoire Nationale Superieur. After appearing in many French plays and short films, he got his first big break with a lead role in the 1998 French feature “Sodding Aime.” Simon has gone on to appear in dozens of movies, many of which are internationally released, including “Casino Royale” and “The Vampire’s Assistant.” He also had a recurring role on the television series 24 and is currently set to star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Tekhenu”.

Despite the challenges of typecasting in Hollywood, Simon Abkarian has made a name for himself as a talented and versatile performer. He continues to tackle roles both inside and outside of the French cinema context and delivers performances that audiences around the world enjoy.