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Welcome to the CelebsLine advertisement page!

With over a million monthly visitors, CelebsLine is the most popular and trustworthy digital portal in the celebrity niche. Advertising is one of the key aspects of the marketing strategy. So, we offer a variety of advertising opportunities on our platform.

Display Ads

It is one of the easiest options to promote your brand. The positive aspect of banner ads is its attractive design that will easily get the attention of the readers. Run a media campaign on our site. We offer different banner sizes to cater to your requirements and the most popular ad sizes are 468*60, 300*250, 728*90, 300*600, to name a few. Contact us for more details.

Profile Featuring

In order to succeed in the show business, it is very essential to have a strong online presence and visibility. It is a known fact that fans are always curious to get to know about their favorite celebrities and most of the time, fans won’t find the information they wanted.

If you or your client is an upcoming artist or new to the show business and really wants to increase online presence and exposure, then you are most welcome to showcase your profile on our website. Contact us at or for more details about pricing and payment options.

Sponsored Posts

Run a media campaign on our site to share your great write-up with our readers and to reach out to a wider audience. We do not accept sponsored posts that promote gambling and adult websites or anything similar to that niche. Please note that we will not provide any Do-Follow links within the sponsored posts. For more information on pricing, contact us at or


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