Celebrities who Gamble

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Celebrities are hard-working people that’s why they are well-known. Being a celebrity is not just glitz and glamour, wearing nice clothes and happy faces. Like any normal human being, they also experience stress, lack of sleep, and rigorous practice to hone their craft and become perfect in the eyes of their audience and fans. It cannot be avoided but for them to feel drained and worn out.

Like most people, going on Mediterranean Cruise or staying in a beautiful cabin somewhere in Norway and watching the magnificence of the Northern Lights while wagering online in one of the best online casinos is part of their favorite pastime.

Why do celebrities gamble?

Gambling is a form of playing with one’s money in the hope of winning. Top celebrities don’t need money. They wager for honor and admiration from people around them. To be called “the best”. Winning for them gives them self-satisfaction because the majority of the games in the casino require strategies and analysis. Major athletes like the football giant Christiano Ronaldo love playing poker and the legendary singer, composer, and actor Frank Sinatra, both men are genius in their craft.

Top 10 celebrities who love to wager


World-renowned singer and actress, Madonna love to bet online. The SuperEnaLotto is an Italian lottery is the iconic queen of pop’s favorite lottery and since she cannot buy tickets because they are not sold in the US, she plays the lottery online. Madonna won $130,000 back in 2012 after she purchased the tickets. She used the money to build a school in Malawi, Africa.

Matt Damon

Famous actor Matt Damon who is famous for a gambling movie about the 1998 high stakes film the Rounders also enjoyed betting for real. He enjoys Texas Hold’em and is now fond of online betting.

Jay Z

Known for being an influential hip-hop artist and is best known for the song “Hard Knock Life” which became a hit in 1998 and also loves gambling. Jay Z even calls himself a “professional” in laying poker, blackjack, and other high-stakes game tables in Vegas.

Ben Affleck

This famous Hollywood actor is known for his love for wagering. He wagers both land-based and online casinos and among his favorites are blackjack and poker. He’s been considered a professional bettor since he won the Blackjack competition in 2001 and brought home $800,000. He also won $356,000 in the California Poker Championship.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her love for merriment which goes with her personality for having gleeful personality. She admitted that she loves playing poker with friends to have fun and relax.

Michael Jordan

Another sports celebrity who is a gambling enthusiast is the Basketball star Michael Jordan. He cannot resist wagering and likes to place a bet on the outcome of some betting games.

Brad Pitt

It was said that before Brad Pitt did the movie Ocean’s Eleven, he went to various casinos to practice his skills in betting. He visits the wagering establishment every now and then and indulges in some table games.


Nelly is a well-known rapper and likes to indulge in some casino table games if time allows. He prefers to play Texas Hold ‘Em and even participated in tournaments such as PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, PokerStars European Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker. Nelly is also into online betting.

Bruce Willis

Gambling seems to be the favorite pastime of this notable Hollywood Die Hard actor. Reports stated that if Wills was not shooting a movie, he was playing cards in a posh casino. Nowadays he’s fond of wagering online a hobby that he developed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

George Clooney

George Clooney is a famous Hollywood actor, especially in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. Just like most popular celebrities, Clooney also loves wagering and he frequently visits casinos around the world.

Final Insight:

Celebrities also have normal lifestyles and wagering is part of their favorite pastime to forget about the world. Some of them constantly win and some also lose but as mentioned, the majority of them place a bet for money for fun.