Olena Zelenska: The Most Progressive First Lady of Ukraine

What is its progressiveness and necessity for the people of Ukraine and the entire civilized world? Let us consider interesting and important facts from its activities.

• Olena and Volodymyr Zelenski presented vyshivankas to the leaders of world powers

The presidents of the United States, the French Republic, Canada, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Turkey, and other countries received symbolic gifts bearing part of Ukrainian history and culture.

“On 21 February Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Vyshivanka, a holy day aimed at preserving and honoring the old traditions of our people. Embroidery is a forgotten code of our ethos, with encrypted in original ornaments of the amulets and symbols. With kind hearts, we would like to share with you a piece of Ukrainian history and authenticity” – wrote Volodymyr and Olena Zelenski in the support sheet.

• The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska categorically refused to wear a fur

Oleksandr Todorchuk, the leader of the humane organization UAnimals, said about it on Facebook.

“This is just great news! You can have different opinions about the president and his friends, but at this level, we have the first precedent in the history of Ukraine. Fur is disappearing from catwalks, fashion shows, and now official receptions,” Todorchuk wrote.

• “We were ready”: Olena Zelenska responded to critics of the school food reform (her famous reform)

Thanks to Olena Zelenska, on December 1 secondary schools switched to a new school menu, which will be implemented on November 1, 2021.

The President’s wife Olena Zelenska said that she was ready to criticize the school food reform, but now she believes that people’s reaction to the changes is not overwhelmingly negative.

“Certainly, we were ready for criticism when together with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Economy, and the State Housing Service we launched a reform of school nutrition, and Ivan Klopotenok’s team developed a new menu with the participation of technologists, nutritionists, and representatives of the Ministry of Health. If you are afraid of criticism, it is better not to start anything in general” – said the first ice lady.

According to her words, the initiators of changes in schoolchildren’s food have entered a “complicated territory”, because, firstly, the reform concerns children, and secondly, there have been no changes in this sphere since the Soviet Union.

Zelenska said that according to the research, at the beginning of the reform the children ate the same food as their parents did during school hours: macaroni, sausages, bakery products, and malted compote. That is, it is about changing the lugubrious, ancient “tradition. Any transition from the old to the new is psychologically difficult for society, the president’s wife said.

At the same time, in Zelenskaya’s words, she “wouldn’t say that negative opinions prevail”.

“The more obvious division is as follows: comments “for”, “constructive criticism” and the third group of those who do not want any changes at all under the title of “negatively return to the school cafeteria a bun with soda and sausages”. This item caused real “battles” in the social media, because the new rules limit (not reduced, but limited!) the amount of salt, gravy, fat, white bread, prohibited by-products on the scale of sausages and canned food, confectionery products”, – added the first ice.

She said that those who are used to this kind of food may find the new school food unpleasant. In her words, they are called “food habits,” and everyone has them, but it is necessary to distinguish between adventurous and not adventurous habits.

“Norms about reducing the amount of salt and sugar the Ministry of Health approved to improve the health of Ukrainians. Just think about the figures: 13.3% of our children under the age of 17 suffer from obesity! Already in their teens, they suffer from heart and coronary diseases! Is it worth it to fight these fat kids? I am ready to tolerate criticism for that,” the president’s wife said.

• Olena Zelenska, the President’s wife, encourages communities to hold classes on eating habits in schools in order to raise a healthy generation

“Dear communities, now it is up to you! Our goal is not only to encourage children to eat healthy food but also to form an attitude toward food. Who else but the school to give children their first lessons in the culture of eating? Not just to inspire, but to raise a healthy and knowledgeable generation. Sounds like a cool goal that already unites the whole country. Let’s achieve it together!”, – wrote Zelenska.

She said that reform of school nutrition started in Ukraine and for this reason, in the last three months the entire country was flooded with thematic forums on the right ways to implement the campaign: 24 regions, 1438 communities, 3000 participants listened to the experts, asked questions and shared answers.

“We discussed the new menu and re-equipment of bakeries (and, of course, how to finance), procurement and their quality, technological processes and safety issues … What should be school meals, at night demonstrated the National Association of Public Catering, just preparing them for all present”, – added she.

Olena Zelenska also paid tribute to the author of the passion – chief cook EvgenKlopotenko and said that the school menu achieved a real restaurant level.

It was reported that the reform of the school catering started on the initiative of the president’s friend. In the spring of this year, a new menu for school food was presented. It is designed for 4 years and includes 160 dishes. The diet, in particular, has increased the amount of fruit and vegetables.

The new dietary standards in educational institutions and children’s health and recreation centers in Ukraine are mandatory from 2022.