Jacob Sartorius Net Worth

American singer and Internet Star Jacob Sartorius has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Born Rolf Jacob Sartorius, he is popularly known as Jacob Sartorius became prominent in his early eleven’s when his first vine video about anti-bullying went viral fetching him millions of fans on Social Media. Check out Jacob Sartorius Net Worth, Annual Income, Salary, House, Cars, and Recent Events.

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth – $3 Million

Who is Jacob Sartorius?

Sartorius was born on October 2, 2002, in Oklahoma, US. As their birth parents were unable to look after him, they gave him for adoption. He was raised in Virginia by his adopted parents. He is just 15 years old and still lives with his adopted parents in Virginia.

The social media star has over 9 million followers on Instagram, 19 million-plus fans on musical.ly, 1.2 million-plus followers on Twitter and more than 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube. He has more than 900,000 fans on Vine. He is one of the few social media personalities on the planet who makes millions of money effectively using social media and from music.

How Jacob Sartorius rose to fame?

Jacob discovered that he has an interest in music at an early age and began acting in musicals. He started off his music career at 11 even though he was bullied by people for lip-syncing videos of popular stars. Jacob Sartorius uploaded his first video about anti-bullying on Vine when he was 11 and became popular across social media earning him thousands of followers. He joined musical.ly in 2015 from where his musical career took off. He began to post lip-syncing videos of popular singers and rappers across the planet regularly on the app and eventually reached new heights becoming one of the popular stars with over 18 million followers.

How Jacob Sartorius makes money?

Jacob Sartorius is still early in his career and much of fortune comes from music and brand endorsements and advertisements through the likes of social media. By the time he signed his first independent record label in 2016, he was already a celebrated internet personality out there. He released his first single ‘Sweatshirt’ in May 2016, which topped the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at no. 90.

Later that year, he released two more singles, “Hit or Miss” and “All My Friends” with the former breaking the US Billboard top 100 at 72, which his highest-charting single to date. Since his debut single, he has been touring several countries and will perform in 7 countries this year in support of his debut extended play The Last Text.

Who is Jacob Sartorius dating?

There have been several rumors about him dating his fellow YouTube stars and friends. However, he is romantically linked to a few of his fellow celebrities along the line of his profession. Here is the list of girls with whom he was in a relationship or rumored to have dated.

Lunia Blaise is an American actress who rose to fame at a young age. She once mentioned on her social profile that she has been dating Jacob Sartorius but not sure whether the couple is still in a relationship or not.

Ariel Marin, a fellow musical.ly star, actress and DJ. Both have known each other and is said that the couple dated for a week or two after they met at musical.ly awards. They are not dating anymore but are good friends now.

Jacob Sartorius was seen along with Jordyn Jones on many occasions. They haven’t yet announced that they are romantically linked. There are also rumors that Sartorius dated Maddie Ziegler, actress and dancer, but there isn’t any proof to prove the claim.