Jabardasth Naresh (Potti Ramesh) Height, Weight, Wiki, Age, Biography

Jabardasth Comedy Show, one of the popular reality shows among the most crowded television shows in recent times. If you are in awful perspective then watch this show because you’ll feel relaxed and will forget your troubles. It’s a fun packaged entertainment show, produced by Mallemala TV.

Likewise other reality comedy shows, Jabardasth also has ensemble cast of performers, grouped by and perform as a team. Jabardasth Naresh is one such performer, who has grabbed immense popularity and positive acclaim with the show. Following his appearance on the show, Naresh became overnight sensation, making him the most celebrated personality on television history. This young talented artiste created a name for himself in the business with a staggering fan base.

Well known for his spontaneous mind-blogging performance and timing, Naresh delivers demanding performances effortlessly. Here’s a complete biography of Jabardasth Naresh Age, Wiki, Skits, Photos and Interesting facts.

Born in 2000, Naresh’s real name is Potti Ramesh. This 18-year old lad looks so young than his real age as he is suffering form growth disorder that restrained his growth. The little champ has been with the show for more than two years. Despite his height, he performs difficult moves effortlessly.  He has been considered as an inspiration to many who are inclined to make a career in humor genre.

In case you did not know, Potti Ramesh aka Jabardasth Naresh married Tripurambika, a 22-year-old girl in December 2015. Not long after his marriage, his wife committed suicide when he was at Hyderabad for a shoot. When police questioned him about his wife suicide, he revealed that they were happy and there were no issues between them. Here’s a rare photo of Potti Ramesh with his wife.

potti ramesh wife
Potti Ramesh (Jabardasth Naresh) with his wife Tripurambika

One of the most promising artistes in the show, this budding artist entertains us by joining hands with Bhaskar and Sudhakar. Jabardasth Naresh, though looks like a kid, there’s no one in the show to compensate his comedy encounters.

When his team is on the show, all of us eagerly wait for his performance. He is a true performer who used to steal the show every time. In a recent interview with TV5, his companion Bhaskar revealed a lot of intriguing actualities about Jabardasth Naresh.

He said, “We are living simply like a companions, age is doesn’t make a difference with my bolster Naresh is doing admirably in Jabardasth drama appear.Furthermore, we are doing some other TV indicates additionally, wherever we are performing Naresh is the lead individual in our stage appears. We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer to the Jabardasth Naresh to perform increasingly. Also, you will get to be one of the best entertainer in little screen.”

Jabardasth a well known satire program and numerous comics are coming into spotlight through this appear and Bhaskar and Naresh are couple among them. Bhaskar and Naresh satire timing gells well with each other and Bhaskar said that he came to contact with Naresh three months before Jabardasth when he was doing Dhee.