10 Best TV Shows for College Students to Take a Study Break

10 Best TV Shows for College Students

College life is an exciting and ever-changing time. College-themed TV shows go beyond the dramatic and unstable high school years, providing a mix of humor, relatability, and the meaningful exploration of adulthood. Despite being overshadowed by high school shows, this genre deserves recognition for portraying college’s intricate and enjoyable experiences.

We have compiled a collection of the top ten TV shows exploring the world of higher education. Our choices cover a wide variety of experiences, including highly regarded college shows created by famous filmmakers and spinoffs that surpass their original series. So, get your snacks ready and be prepared for a marathon of binge-watching! It will be useful when you have to write movie review essay. Get ideas and inspiration here.

These shows provide more than mere amusement; they offer a glimpse into the exciting, demanding, and frequently unexpected college life experience (granted, with some artistic liberty).

Please browse our carefully chosen collection and participate in the discussion by sharing your favorites in the comments section.


10. Undeclared

Undeclared skillfully depicts the frequently disorderly and amusing change from high school to college. At the made-up University of Northeastern California, the show tracks a cohort of first-year students navigating the ups and downs of college life. This television series uniquely depicts the freshman experience, embodying the awkwardness, excitement, and uncertainties that come with it.

Undeclared stands apart from other shows due to its genuine conversations and relatable characters, each representing a unique aspect of first-year college students. The protagonist, who strives to fit in, and his diverse group of friends provide a funny and eye-opening perspective on the initial stages of college life.

9. Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is a British TV show that explores the lives of six college students in Manchester, all with diverse backgrounds and unique personalities. This comedy-drama skillfully combines humor with genuine challenges, and it stands out for its clever humor and authentic depiction of the highs and lows of university life.

The main advantage of Fresh Meat lies in its ability to effectively build and evolve its characters and the strong connection between the cast members. The show successfully portrays how these distinct individuals, with their peculiarities and vulnerabilities, unite to create an unusual yet flawed family.

8. How to Get Away with Murder

The TV show “How to Get Away with Murder” presents an exciting and gripping depiction of law students entangled in a complex network of murder and deception. The plot revolves around a set of driven students from a renowned law school who are chosen to assist Annalise Keating, a highly intelligent and mysterious criminal defense professor.

The television series combines elements of both legal drama and mystery and thriller genres, resulting in an exciting and engaging storyline that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. The show stands out with its intricate portrayal of characters and morally debatable situations, encouraging viewers to contemplate the boundaries of morality.

7. The Magicians

The Magicians is an original combination of fantasy and college drama in the captivating Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. The show tracks a group of students as they uncover their magical powers and confront the difficulties of becoming skilled in the mystical arts. Its imaginative storytelling, intricate characters, and examination of deeper topics in a world of enchantment distinguishes it.
In addition to its use of magical elements, The Magicians explores its characters’ inner struggles and emotional experiences. It tackles topics like mental well-being, self-discovery, and the weight of responsibility that accompanies having power.

6. Community

Community is a clever and eccentric sitcom in the made-up Greendale Community College. The show revolves around a diverse group of students who come together to form a study group and, as time passes, forge a unique and untraditional bond. The series is renowned for its witty script, nods to pop culture and lighthearted dismantling of different television clich├ęs and styles.

Each Community cast member adds their own distinct element to the group, whether it be the disgraced attorney yearning for a chance at redemption or the movie-loving student fixated on popular culture. The show relies heavily on the interactions between characters and the bizarre circumstances they encounter.

5. The Sex Lives of College Girls

The Sex Lives of College Girls offers a refreshing and open exploration of the intricacies of college life, as seen through the eyes of four roommates attending Essex College. Combining comedy with the typical college TV show format, this series stands out for its truthful and amusing depiction of the obstacles faced by these young women. It skillfully captures the essence of contemporary college existence, delving into sexuality, friendship, and the quest for personal and academic achievements.

The series’s individuals come from diverse backgrounds and have various life experiences. The series is praised for its clever conversations, relatable situations, and capability to address delicate subjects thoughtfully and comedically.

4. Grown-ish

Grown-ish, a show derived from the popular series Black-ish, explores Zoey Johnson’s journey into college, providing a fresh perspective on today’s college students’ challenges. The show successfully combines humor with thought-provoking discussions on social matters, accurately representing the college experience of Generation Z.

Zoey’s adventure and the experiences of her diverse circle of friends illustrate the challenges of college life beyond academics. Grown-ish vividly and truthfully depicts the exploration of cultural identity and the handling of contemporary difficulties, offering a lively and authentic portrayal of the ups and downs of early adulthood.

3. Felicity

Felicity is a TV show about a young woman named Felicity, who attends the made-up University of New York for her college education. The series is a touching examination of the challenges and personal development that occur during this stage of life. It stands out for its emphasis on developing the characters and the process of discovering oneself during the college years.

Felicity is widely known for its captivating and highly discussed love triangle, which adds to its strong representation of the challenges and successes faced by its characters during their college years. As a result, the show stands out in its authentic portrayal of college life.2.

2. Greek

The TV show Greek explores the exciting and often misinterpreted world of fraternity and sorority life at the made-up Cyprus-Rhodes University. By blending drama and comedy, this series tells an engaging story about the importance of friendship, romance, and self-discovery in the complex social environment of college.

In Greek, the characters are intricately crafted, each with narratives and obstacles. They grapple with the weight of upholding the traditions of their Greek house while also experiencing personal development in the college environment. The show skillfully blends lightheartedness and significant teachings, making it stand out in portraying the complex and varied college experience.

1. Dear White People

The show Dear White People presents an insightful and scathing examination of race dynamics and political identity in a mostly Caucasian Ivy League university. With a blend of wit and seriousness, this series takes on intricate and potentially controversial societal matters, offering a discerning viewpoint on present-day American culture.

The black college experience is depicted nuancedly by interweaving each character’s story, showcasing race, activism, and personal identity issues. The show is praised for its well-written script, captivating characters, and ability to stimulate meaningful conversations about race and privilege.


Each TV series provides entertainment and a window into the multifaceted, intricate, and often thrilling realm of college life. Whether it is the amusing escapades in Community or the gripping intensity of How to Get Away with Murder, these shows centered around college students create a vibrant portrayal of the college experience.

They encapsulate the essence of a young adult navigating the unknown realms of higher education, relationships, and personal exploration.

These TV series, each in their distinctive manner, strike a chord with viewers who have passed through or are presently going through their college experiences. When you delve into any of these shows as a way to take a break from studying, consider them reflections of the various encounters one undergoes in college. Besides amusement, every episode, character, and plotline contributes to a bigger story that honors these crucial years.