Tila Tequila Net Worth

Tila Tequila is an American model, song-writer, rapper, television celebrity and a social media personality, shot to fame in early 2000s after she garnered huge following on Myspace.

Tila Tequila is an American model, song-writer, rapper, television celebrity and a social media personality, rose to fame after she garnered huge following on social media website ‘My Space’ in short span of time. After getting huge recognition on social media platform, she went on to appear in the covers of several popular magazines, becoming the hottest girl in the country. Tila Tequila net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million in 2017, according to The Richest.

Tila Tequila Early Life

Born on October 24, 1981, to Vietnamese parents in Singapore, her family moved to Texas when she was one-year-old. Though she was an Asian by birth, Tequila really spent the larger part of her life in North America. Brought up in a strict gated Buddhist people group for the initial eight years of her life, her adolescence was a long way from ideal. Her original name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, but she has gained as much as more of a couple of monikers such as Tila Tequila, Tila Nguyen and Miss Tila.

Tila Tequila Net Worth – $1.5 Million

Being a troublesome child, she was sent to boarding school, but she remained to be a problematic child to her parents. In spite of her family’s earnest attempts, the teenager proceeded with her troublesome streak; when she was fifteen, she had begun to smoke and had likewise gotten her initially tattoo. In her inevitable diary, she clarified that she regularly felt befuddled from an assortment of issues that emerged both from inside her family and the surroundings.

At sixteen years old, Tequila fled from home, getting away to Queens, New York, where she remained for various months. Tequila succumbed to a drive-by shooting; she later revealed being pregnant and having endured a premature delivery when she was seventeen.

Tila Tequila Personal Life and Career

Not long subsequent to moving on from high school, Tequila was explored by a Playboy scout while shopping at Houston’s Sharpstown Mall. She was offered the chance to model naked for the men’s magazine; she later migrated to South California, where she kept on working as a Playboy model.

She, subsequently, featured as the Cyber Girl of the Week, making her the first Asian Cyber Girl to features on the covers. In April 2002, she became Playboy’s first Asian Cyber Girl of the Month.

Tila Tequila garnered popularity in short-time and went on to appear in covers of leading magazines, modeled in car shows, and video games. In 2003, she joined MySpace and wasn’t long until the point that she wound up noticeably a standout amongst the most popular social personalities, secured a whopping 1.7 million followers by early 2007. She, eventually, was named the “Queen of MySpace” after gaining the record-breaking followers.

Tequila, at the age of 22, debut her first TV reality show in the VH1 series, Surviving Nugent. Shot of popularity, she went on to host several shows, including Pants-Off Dance-Off (2006), THS Investigates: Online Nightmares (2006), and Bullrun: Cops, Cars & Superstars IV (2007) and her own reality series A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila featured in MTV in 2008.

Having dependably been an artist on a fundamental level, the Texas-local marked with a recording name under A&M Records in the spring of 2006. She released her first single ‘I Love U’ on iTunes as she rejected many offers from the recording labels. Tequila released her own studio EP entitled, Sex the following year, and released ‘Welcome to the Darkside’ three years later. She has released 2 solo EPs and 5 single between 2006 and 2009.

Tequila, meanwhile, has also appeared on the covers of Penthouse, King, Blender, Steppin’ Out, Rolling stone, Stuff, and Maxim UK. She has also appeared in a handful of movies and TV shows in the subsequent years. Tequila had launched her own label Tila Tequila Records and a management firm called Little Miss Trendsetter Management LLC. She hit the headlines in 2011 for having her sex tapes leaked on the internet. In 2014, she publicly announced on Facebook that she is being pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Isabella Monroe Nguyen in November 2014.

Tila Tequila Recent Times

She is best known as pro-supporter of Hitler which she revealed it through a blog post in 2013. She was seen making comments in support of Hitler since then, and her twitter account was suspended last year for posting series of Neo-Nazi Tweets. Tequila was last seen in Big Brother in 2015. Her personal website has been taken down since 2015.