Who is Pakalu Papito – An Hilarious Twitter Account with Millions of Followers

Pakalu Papito is a famous Twitter profile with millions of followers who used to make a lot of hilarious, and ridiculous tweets, something even sensible tweets.

I was just astonished to see how a person would have so many followers while he isn’t a celebrity or a famous personalty. I searched him on Google, then I realized that I’m not the only one who is searching about him. There are lots of queries related to Pakalu Papito search term.

Who is Pakalu Papito?

But, I couldn’t find any relevant info about this profile. Whether he is a real or fake profile? Where is he living? and so many. So I thought of aggregate everthing that I came across.

You can see a several profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms pertaining to be like him. But, none of them is real.  Pakalu Papito already has 2.13 million followers and it is gearing up.

Each tweet that goes out of this profile gets a few thousand retweets and favorites very easily. Most of them are ridiculous with a mix of Indian and American sensibilities.

The account has been started in July 2013 and it has the same DP who looks a lot like an Indian, since it was created.

The most interesting part is that it is a fake account. There’s nobody in the name Pakalu Papito or he doesn’t have a real name either. He seems to be a fictional character like we see in Sci-Fi movies.

You can see several celebrities and personalities following him on Twitter. Yes, there’s no one in the name Pakalu Papito, however, he is just a prankster with an American sense of humor tweeting some racial stereotypes. He used to make fun of himself via tweets.

Some of his self-loathing tweets for you:

i get ignored so much
my name should be terms and conditions

i swear i get uglier everyday

if you cant handle me at my worst then leave, because i dont have a best im always awful

I’m actually pretty attractive if you stand far away enough

relationship status: maybe one day

sorry im poor i cant afford to pay attention

i’m not ignoring your snapchats, i’m just too ugly to reply at the moment

i have this rare skin disease called perfect

person: I like your name
me: thanks, I got it for my birthday

I’m not broke I’m pre rich

don’t cry because its over 
cry because ur ugly

u wanna date me???? well get in line

isnt it odd how people kill flys just because they’re annoying if people killed people for being annoying i would’ve died like 15 years ago

im naturally funny because my life is a joke

if you dont laugh at my jokes then i will

procrastination has taught me how to do 30 minutes of work in 8 hours and 8 hours of work in 30 minutes

I need a reasonable job. Something like $3,000 an hour. Nothing too wild.

i like online shopping and putting everything i want in a cart then checking my subtotal and laughing and closing the tab

my bank account says I need a job but my mental health says i need to sleep all day and never leave my bed

It seems the person behind this account loves camel. If you are a Pakalu Papito follower, let us know what do you think?