Why are Soundcloud likes important for becoming famous?


What are the next social media platforms for sharing music? Instagram? YouTube? Maybe TikTok or Spotify? You can promote your content on any platform, but the vast majority of musicians choose Soundcloud for promotion.

Why is Soundcloud better for music promotion?

Soundcloud is considered to be the best platform for independent musicians. Why so?

● Soundcloud has around 76 million registered users
● The platform has more than 125 million songs posted
● Freedom to upload a wide range of music content
● You can promote your music on Soundcloud for free and more people would notice you

Soundcloud is all about musicians’ freedom. There are a lot of people looking for content on the platform and new artists are very welcomed on the platform.

Why is joining Soundcloud beneficial?

1. Community

Musicians that just started their careers as artists all come to the similar conclusion that Soundcloud helps you to make your “first steps” in the world of music by establishing a loyal community. Using Soundcloud musicians are able to communicate with their followers directly, interact with them and establish friendly relationships with their fans. Users on the platform are far more likely to engage with musicians’ profiles and they are free and welcomed to do that than, for example, on Spotify.

2. Competition

There is a lot of competition already on the platforms where artists post their content. For musicians who just started to promote their content, it is important to make a statement and beat up their competitors that have already promoted their music on the platform. On Soundcloud is it much easier to become noticeable rather than, for instance, TikTok or Spotify.

In fact, there are more soundtracks on Soundcloud but it makes it easier for users to find the ones they like most. The platform has its own algorithms making it possible for beginners to make their music visible and attract the attention their content deserves.

These two points are crucial for the artist who just started their journey. Once you post your content you should think about choosing the proper promotion technique. It affects:
● how fast your content will be noticed on the platform
● your reputation and credibility
● your ranking on Soundcloud makes your content go to the top

A lot of artists find content promotion very confusing. Indeed, very often for Soundcloud users, it is hard to understand which path to choose and how to make their content go viral. Some of them choose to interact with other users. They leave likes, and comments, and even follow various profiles only to get noticeable. However, this is not a 100% guarantee that they get to receive the same feedback.

Musicians focus on gaining more comments and followers, but what they usually forget to pay attention to is the number of likes their content gets. The bigger the number of likes the more reputable your content gets and even more people is eager to listen to the soundtracks you post. Soundcloud likes to show whether the content is of good quality and worth your time. That is why you should consider improving this metric first.

How can you get more Soundcloud likes?

Here are the top 3 tips to help you gain likes for free:

1. Use correct tagging

Who said that tags are useless when it comes to promotion? Relevant tags will help you to promote your content pretty fast. Understand your genre and put tags containing it, and have a cool name for your track. It will all affect the visibility of your tracks and how many people will come across it on the platform.

2. Use other platforms

Telling your subscribers on other platforms that you have a Soundcloud profile that they should check out will definitely help you in the promotion. Use Instagram stories to do that, TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, Facebook posts, etc. Everything depends on your target audience and which users you’d like to attract to your page.

3. Design

Building your image on the platform is crucial as well. Make sure that you customize your album art and covers, it should spark the interest of your potential listeners and stand out from the rest of the covers. Don’t hesitate and be creative here, play with different colors and fonts, choose relevant designs and see how many people will be intrigued by your covers and playlists.

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