Famous Losers: Hollywood stars who did not do well in school

Drew Barrymore

There are enough famous people whose lack of a high school diploma did not prevent them from gaining international fame. Since childhood, we are told how important education is, what advantages a person with a higher education gets, and not to study, on the contrary, reduces our chances of becoming successful.

In fact, high academic performance is not always helpful in life, sometimes it is just the opposite. We bring to your attention a selection of Hollywood stars who did not do well in school but still achieved career heights.

Winona Ryder

The future Hollywood star did not do well in school and then dropped out altogether. But the reason for such behavior was not only low performance – classmates often teased and severely beat the girl for her social role.

The fact is that Winona’s parents were hippies, and that caused incomprehension in the public and aggression in children. One day Winona had her head bashed in so badly that she barely got home. Naturally, schooling was out of the question.

Drew Barrymore

The actress who became famous at the age of 7, starring in Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.” Such a dramatic switch of fate did not reflect well on Barrymore – at age 9 she began smoking, at 11 – drinking, at 12 she tried marijuana, and at 13 she switched to cocaine.

Dropped out of school, preferring flamboyant celebrity hangouts to classes. Got out of rehab at 15 and never went back to school. Instead, she became one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, while also developing in production.

Johnny Depp

The charismatic and eccentric performer of many colorful roles has chosen a career as a rock star, not wanting to waste his time on boring lessons.

Quickly “rolled up” to F’s and constantly skipped school. Unfortunately, essay services did not exist then, and he could not buy college essays, so he had to choose between his studies and his dream. Johnny Depp firmly decided that rock ‘n’ roll was his life’s work, and instead of studying, he began to actively pursue music.

Now Depp plays in a music band, makes friends with Merlin Manson, and successfully starred in movies. Fortunately for fans, even the trial with Amber Heard has not affected the actor’s reputation.

Mark Wahlberg

The man who plays the roles of the good cops was absolutely insufferable as a kid.

Not only was he born with three nipples, a congenital anomaly that made him suffer constant taunts, but he was also a constant troublemaker. Wahlberg said that by the time he was 16 he had been caught by the police about 20 times.

Such behavior could not pass without a trace – while under the influence of drugs Wahlberg robbed a pharmacy, attacked two people, and went to jail. It was there that the future actor realized that his life was going downhill.

After his release, Wahlberg began a career as a hip-hop performer and then got a role in the movie Boogie Nights

Angelina Jolie

The femme fatale beauty, who would go on to become the wife of a Hollywood sex symbol, added gray hair to her adult years as a child.

Angelina Jolie herself says she was a punk, constantly disruptive and terrifying others with her rebellious actions. It is difficult to live next to a person from whom you do not know what to expect, so peers did not want to communicate with little Angelina.

However, the girl is not upset – she chose her path – has signed many modeling contracts, and then began acting in films.