Dating sites and Tik Tok, what do they have in common?

Dating sites and TikTok

TikTok is not a dating site, yet there are certain trends that reflect the way things are going on the dating sites, and there are multiple members who have connected and fallen in love via the app; it’s certainly feasible and could be possible for you.

Dating sites and TikTok

It is All Up To You

Dating via something similar to TikTok may not be the first objective, but services like this exist, and you can find more of them in the future if they still are trendy enough. The secret is that it will not happen on TikTok directly because that is not how the app is configured. The onus is on you to make it happen via your interactions and private agenda with traditional online dating.

On most sites, you can make your motive pretty clear, even if they are not already from the fact that you are on a dating app in the first place! But now, you can easily find a website with videos serving as an introduction and smart algorithms serving you with profiles that may be of interest to you since these TikTok trends got ripped by the quick thinkers among dating moguls. So, what else do you have to do to succeed at both TikTok and the Online dating sites?

Crossover Skills

There are a few trends to online communication, and the first is to remember that online meetings are very different from meeting online. American football is not the same as football/soccer, and dating apps don’t always relate to social media platforms. The common theme here is that despite these contrasting differences, there can be similarities found and critical aspects such as crossover skills shared and used to succeed. Sticking with these examples to further emphasize the point we are making;

  • An online meeting may be professional, whereas meeting online can be seen as a social activity, but they both require IT and communication skills fused with a certain degree of digital and electronic know-how to flow.
  • American football and soccer have different sets of rules and limits on physicality and execution of skills, but they are both played on a field and adjudicated by an authority figure whilst sharing similar methods of training and preparation for game day.
  • Social media is no stranger to dating but is predominantly used to interact and catch up with friends and acquaintances or to view and promote business and trends. Dating apps promote people and highlight individuals rather than products or trends, but the communication and interaction types overlap and therefore are easy to cross between for users of both.

So, what do we learn from these examples? We know that both dating sites and TikTok are heavily featured and interaction-focused, so daters have to use their social media skills to adapt and use them on the app if they are to attract the attention of a potential date. Generating interest with enough likes and comments on a video or profile on a platform you use may seem underhanded tactically, but it could work.

You and your ulterior motive can bag a date with your favorite user. Use the tools at your disposal to flirt and gauge the vibe from the response you get before making your move. Making the most of your key crossover skills from social media is the trick to finding love on the dating site, and it’ll work the same as finding content (or fame) at TikTok. The more bold and direct of you can, of course, simply choose to DM the user and get things in motion, but it is a lot more fun playing the long game to see if they pick up on your subtle hints and make contact with you instead.

The difference is, most users on TikTok are also game for collaborations, especially if both of you have a significant following and are within the same city. TikTok couples are highly favored by the TikTok audience, especially if their collab videos are entertaining. The same can’t be said about couples looking for somebody else to have fun with on the dating sites, yet, at least.

Patience and Persistence

Another thing in common is that there are Tik Tok censors and dating sites moderation in play, so your DM might not even reach the person you are attempting to flirt with or date. Therefore, you have to focus on what you know they will definitely see. These being likes, comments, and shares. You may get noticed straight away or possibly have to graft a little before you catch their eye on the app. Either way, as long as you are persistent, confident, and patient, you may get the dating rewards you desire or attention on social media.

Common Themes and Contrasting Differences

As discussed already, TikTok has both similar attributes and polar opposites to your typical dating site. Some of these include;

  • Sending likes tailors your suggested videos (Much like a dating app)
  • You can like a video without having an account (Unlike a dating site)
  • You can follow users to see their uploaded videos on your newsfeed
  • Following hashtags is possible (Unlike a dating site)
  • Commenting on videos is free (Much like a dating app)
  • You can message other members depending on their messaging settings (Much like a dating app)
  • Sharing videos to different social networks is possible (Unlike a dating site)
  • The registration process takes only 1 to 3 minutes (Much like a dating app)
  • You can sign up with your phone number (Unlike a dating site)
  • Signing up using different social media accounts is possible (Much like a dating app)
  • You can view videos without having an account (Unlike a dating site)
  • You need an account to follow users and hashtags (Much like a dating app)
  • So, there are a lot of things in common! If you understand one, you can succeed on the other, so don’t let the unfamiliarity stop you and explore both TikTok and dating sites to succeed!