Celebrities With Surprising Degrees

Celebrities With Surprising Degrees

Celebrities are seen as persons with beauty and no brain. However, the degrees some of these celebrities have acquired will surprise you. They are known to use MBA assignment help online as they juggle between celebrity work and class.

It is surprising to list the professions these celebrities would be serving had they not joined the world of glamor. Some could be engineers working on the next high-rise building in the city while others can fly shuttles to the moon. Here is a list of celebrities with the most surprising degrees.

Mayim Bialik

If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory, then you are familiar with the Neuroscientist who goes by the name Emmy Farrer Fowler. The entire comedy is based on a bunch of geniuses, safe for Penny. True to her character on the screen, Mayim is a qualified Neuroscientist. She might as well understand some of the lines she was given to play with for fun.

Emmy demonstrates utmost dedication to her character. She was already a qualified neuroscientist working in the field when she landed the role. She got both her BSc and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her qualification can only be described as the best example of Art imitating life or life imitating art. It is the best coincidence one can give about education and celebrity life.

Harry Hill

It appears that neuroscientists have a thing about being celebrities. From Emmy, we land on Harry Hill, another neuroscientist specializing in brain surgery. He is known in the industry for Harry Hill’s TV Burp which has turned him into an eponymous star. He is another madcap comedian ruling the screen for years and neurosurgery theaters at the same time.

Harry is a qualified neurosurgery specialist. He studied at the University of London, qualified, and even practiced for years before deciding to make fun of it. He traded the white coat and blue suits of the theater with a trademark suit that he adorns in all his comedy appearances. He also appears with horn-rimmed glasses. His idea must be to heal the world by making fun of it.

James Franco

James is one of the most talented actors we have seen in recent years. He matches his talent with brains, having completed his BA in English from the University of California, Los Angeles. He went further to pursue his master’s at Columbia University. It appeared his brain was looking for more because he proceeded to Yale for his Ph.D.

With all these academic qualifications, he has been featured in more than 13 blockbuster movies. His journey over time appears like a road trip where he is collecting degrees and academic qualifications from his favorite institutions. He is still scheduled to appear in more than 10 other films about to be released. One wonders where he gets the time to do all these things.

Rowan Atkinson

The man made his name on the screen for decades acting as the dumb Mr. Bean. Behind his funny antics is a qualified electrical engineer. His intellect could be the reason he makes some of the most captivating scenes so effortlessly.

Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University. He has also worked as a co-author of the comedies he has acted in. Some of them have been turned into full movies. The series has been watched in more than 245 jurisdictions around the world. Its wit makes it a favorite for people of all generations.

Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis is a famous footballing star from the Netherlands. He was a talented footballer but his head was equally endowed. The Dutch footballer was a qualified electrical engineer having graduated from the University of Bath. He joins a list of notable engineers who did not want to practice their skills yet. Interestingly, he earned his degree while playing for his favorite club in the English Premier League, Arsenal and still appearing for his Dutch National Team.

Dennis started his footballing career in 1986 at Ajax and played up to 1993. He later joined Inter Milan in 1993 up to 1995. He joined Arsenal in the EPL where he played until 2006. He retired and has had several stints as a coach for clubs and national teams. He does not appear interested in using his electrical engineering skills yet.

Brian May

Brian is a mathematics and physics genius. He is regarded as the Queen Guitarist and had a highlight performance during the 2012 Olympics in London. Brian earned his BSc in Math and Physics from the prestigious Imperial College London. He is famous for his stage exploits since the 1980s. He has returned to school to complete his Ph.D.

Celebrities are more than glamorous. Some have acquired degrees that you would fear to study even without the kind of commitments they have. These are examples of brains that know and pursue more than art.