9 YouTube Channels Perfect for Gambling Enthusiasts

YouTube Channels Perfect for Gambling Enthusiasts

It is often said that we are living in the information age. But it’s not till you look at an area like gambling that you realize just how true that is. A generation ago, activities like video slots or Chemin de Fer were shrouded in mystery. Today, a quick Google will pull up dozens of pages offering everything from beginner tips to advanced strategy guides.

YouTube Channels Perfect for Gambling Enthusiasts

Best of all is the video guides, where you can see the experts in action, practicing what they preach. YouTube has literally hundreds of channels dedicated to gambling, and it’s fair to say they fall across the full spectrum of good, bad and indifferent. We’ve been through a whole host of them and extracted nine of the best. Regardless of your favorite casino games, you can surely satisfy your interest with some of the channels mentioned here.

Brian Christopher

Brian is something of a legend in the world of casino gaming. He’s recognized as the world’s top social media influencer on the topic, despite only having started his now-famous YouTube channel as a hobby five years ago. Prior to that, Brian was a jobbing actor in Hollywood, with 20 TV and movie appearances to his name. Brian posts daily videos of his successes and failures in America’s casinos, both online and across the USA. With more than 400,000 subscribers and at least nine million views on each video, he must be doing something right!

Poker Stars

Poker is the one casino game that still has that mystique we were talking about. Novices are happy to try blackjack or roulette, but poker can still make them a little nervous. There’s really no need, as the game is not so hard to learn. Poker Stars is the most popular poker channel on YouTube, with more than a million subscribers. There’s something for everyone here, with plenty of beginner tips as well as coverage of all the major tournaments.

Vegas Lowroller

Here’s a guy who genuinely loves Sin City. His videos show his adventures in Vegas’s many casinos, and the focus is firmly on the slots. The fact that he bets low stakes makes this a really handy resource for anyone wanting some real-world guidance on spinning the reels for fun. In fact, it’s like having an experienced buddy to show you around town.

SBR Sportsbook Review

If sports betting is more up your street, a subscription to the SBR YouTube channel is an absolute must. Yes, we all know that betting should be for entertainment as opposed to profit, and SBR has plenty of content that observes this ethos. But the primary aim is to share information that will help you improve your win rate, whether that’s by understanding how to assess form or simply choosing the bookie that’s offering the best return on a given day.

Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

Rocknrolla has become something of a living legend on Twitch, where he was one of the pioneers of casino game streaming. His YouTube channel has proved no less popular and has almost 70,000 subscribers. If you can find it in a casino, Rocknrolla will play it, from poker to dice to slots. Be warned, Rocknrolla’s commentary is of the unfiltered variety, so if you’re offended by a few Anglo-Saxon expletives, you might want to scroll on by.

Gripsed Poker Training

Our second poker channel recommendation is one for those who already know the basics and want to improve their game. There are some fairly advanced training videos in here, but don’t let that frighten you off if you’re new to the game. There’s also content that less experienced players will find valuable, such as tips on choosing between types of poker software and videos about the history and evolution of poker.

American Casino Guide

In the long-ago days before the internet, the annually published American Casino Guide was the go-to resource for information on all things gambling-related. Today, it is still going strong, and its YouTube channel has in excess of 140,000 subscribers. It’s another great all-rounder, touching on all aspects of casino gaming, with some top-notch tutorials on games like blackjack, baccarat, and various forms of poker. Whether you’re off for a weekend in Vegas or planning to play some games on your phone, this is the place to spend an hour or so first to brush up on your skills.

Kev’s Picks

Kev is a sports fanatic from Canada who loves placing a wager. His biggest passion, however, is in the world of fantasy sport, and his YouTube channel is probably the best resource on the net for this specific niche. He’s a ProTeam player for Fantasy Labs, as well as a dedicated DFS player in the NFL season. Kev has also posted plenty of content about more conventional sports betting, including football, hockey, basketball, and more.


The name will be familiar to anyone who likes to place a bet on sport. However, this UK-based betting brand is part of a larger group that also covers casino games, poker, keno, and so on. The YouTube channel represents a huge compendium of content. There are more than 1,000 videos to scroll through, covering everything from how to place your first bet to developing your poker strategy. There’s also some highly entertaining content covering sporting legends, behind-the-scenes interviews, and lots more besides.