5 Ideas for Using Pop Culture to Inspire Students

Pop culture ideas for inspiration

Did you know that you can use pop culture to inspire students and help them with their education? Here are a few pop culture ideas that are proven to be very effective and even more appealing. You can see countless topics on this matter and all of them will try to emphasize the overall appeal and the benefits for students. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Pop culture ideas for inspiration

Movies and Books

This is probably one of the best pop culture project ideas and the one that will have a huge list of perks. The idea is to use books that were transferred into popular and appealing movies. Some examples include Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Monster Calls, and many others. Students can write essays on the topic, learn from examples and do proper research which will all be fun but useful.

The possibilities are endless. Students can write an essay regarding popular culture, use movies to do research, listen to music, and use countless other examples. Right now, various essays on popular culture are already being required by the teachers and they have been used for a long period of time. This trend is going to last indefinitely.

In a nutshell, students get better time, easier tasks, and more appealing ones which will inspire them more. After that, we can see that other assignments will be easier as well and can be completed in no time. Of course, there are a lot of ideas here and a lot of pop culture topics to write about.

Using Sherlock Holmes BBC

Yes, this famous TV series can be used to inspire students as well. A college can use it in order to help students form better and more detailed opinions regarding characters, to get a base foundation for more detailed book reports, and also when it comes to writing essays. It is actually one of those things that helped most students during their education and the one that can be used by all of you.


Some of you know that popular culture activities for students are extremely important and beneficial. The idea here is to create various tasks and activities students will have to complete. They can cooperate and teachers can mix pop culture and other tasks. A lot of knowledge will be needed and a lot more will be taught successfully. Hence, this can be one of the best things on this list. There are countless possibilities in this case. It is important to use points in order to make the tasks more appealing and realistic. It will also make students cooperate together harder.

Costume Play

Costume play or cosplay is literally playing with costumes. Using popular culture for kids teachers can help students create and use various costumes. This will help them with imagination, make education more appealing and even help them by offering the best possible outcome. They will have to create their own costumes and props which boosts creativity as well.

It is important to add mathematical scaling here. It is the part of the idea that actually links pop culture to education and has huge overall importance. It makes things more interesting and also harder. You can see a lot of samples where this idea was successfully implemented.

Using Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are ideal for this purpose and have been one of the most successful strategies for specific students. These are based on popular culture and can be transferred into movies as well. Some of the best movies are based on graphic novels. Students find these very interesting and inspiring. A paper after reading a novel of this kind can be fun.

This is not one of the most common ideas used but it is one of the most appealing and the most original. It is also one of those that come with many additional elements students can use for a better, easier, and more successful education.

The Final Word

There are almost countless samples of using pop culture to help and inspire students. The main advantages of all of these shares are simpler, more appealing, and more interesting education with better success in the end. We can say that the perks are all great and something teachers and also schools should investigate and use more.